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The Blount County Schools' Partners for Kids projects has a strong thirty-three-year history of success and has raised millions of dollars for local schools. The programs are designed to provide positive public awareness of education and recognizes participating businesses eager to support education.

The Patron Savings Book

The Partners for Kids' Patron Checkbook is a coupon book developed for area schools and is the most popular discount publication in Blount County. It consists of over 200 discount offers from area merchants. Participating businesses include department stores, restaurants, retailers, service providers, and various entertainment locations.

The Smart Card for Education

The Smart Card for Education is a colorful credit-card size discount card that is reusable throughout the school year. It includes discounts from up to twenty of our area’s favorite locations. The 2023 Smart Card for Education will be available this winter.



Those who wish to become patrons of public education by making a $10 contribution to the school of their choice, receives a copy of one of these money saving products. The campaign period is in the fall and involves up to 10,000 students in the Blount County area.

Benefits to Merchants and Sponsors

Merchants and sponsors have the opportunity to expose their business to the entire community through both the Partners for Kids Patron Checkbook and the Smart Card for Education programs. In addition, their name appears in thousands of full color brochures that go home to each family, and on posters displayed in each participating school, and in the media support from various media sponsors. Many merchants have documented significant increases in customer traffic and sales. Sponsors who contribute funds, products, or services, to make the project a success have further opportunities to increase their visibility and consumer appreciation. If your business can benefit from this additional exposure, you are urged to contact Partners for Kids. Both merchants and sponsors have the satisfaction of making a contribution toward the enrichment of education throughout the community.

Media Support

Partners for Kids sponsors include members of the media who publicize the overall campaigns and particular events which may involve other sponsors and merchants. Media involvement presents the theme of a total community effort and encourages consumers to support the school of their choice, and not miss out on the valuable discounts and prizes.

Benefits to Education

The ultimate benefit is to education and the local community. The Partners for Kids Campaigns publicizes local education, putting it squarely before the public, and gives all the opportunity to contribute toward its improvement. At a time when tax revenues cannot address all the needs of our schools, Partners for Kids is a method of raising some of the extra money needed to enrich the education of our children. Education has become an essential element in the economic development of our community; from hiring workers who make businesses succeed, to producing leaders at every level of government, industry, and community development. Education is truly a total community concern.

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2023 Partners for Kids Patron Check Coupon Book Campaign Dates:

August 30th. through September 13th.

2024 Smart Card for Education available this winter. 

We welcome back teachers and the entire school faculty. These are the dedicated individuals who educate our children and make our community the wonderful place it is.

Thank you for doing what you do!

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